Complete Wellness Program

Iridology Assessment & Educational Development

Initial iris assessment 

(1 hour assessment + 1 hour phone/ video consult)

Full iridology report, nutritional balance program with full recommendations and links to product & lifestyle suggestions

3 Month Access to Foundational Lifestyle & Nutritional Protocols (media educational portal)

3 Month access to food educational portal

30 minute phone/video follow up and check- in session 

3 month email support

Value: $395


"In 2018 I began to prepare for my 1st born, and a part of that preparation was my health. I have always kept a close eye on my health and lifestyle habits, but looked for additional opportunities to further improve my efforts. After hearing about John on the Ben Greenfield podcast, I reached out to get a consult. The insights John provided was a bit scary, in the sense that he was so on target with identifying symptoms, yet he had never met me face to face and had no history of me that would have given him a prior understanding. This lead to multiple touchpoints and a resulting strategy allowing me to push the buttons and pull the levers on things that I had completely lost sight of, before John put them back into perspective for me. I am now the proud father of a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, and thanks to John, I will have plenty of healthy years to play with her."

Tyler Warren

Marketing Manager,

Campaign Strategies

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