The Decalcification Solution

A one of a kind online platform to improve circulation, eliminate pain, reduce calcium deposits, fibrosis, and completely rejuvenate the body!

Who is this program for?

Individuals who are facing health challenges ranging from low energy/drive all the way to concerns about heart health, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Individuals over 40 who want to regain the vitality they once had when they were younger.

Individuals who deeply care about their own long lasting wellness and the health of their children & family.

Individuals who want to contribute and leave a legacy for the world.

Individuals who are tired of being confused and frustrated about conflicting & overly complicated health advice.

Individuals who are tired of following the never ending diet and exercise paradigm that keeps failing them.

Individuals who are truly committed, want to invest in themselves, and be held 100% self accountable to achieve their best & most abundant life.

What benefits and results can I expect?

Full Lifestyle &Wellness Transformation

As soon as week one, individuals can feel more energized, in control of cravings, have better sleep, and have a lot more control over thoughts, emotions, and mood.

Develop a sense of self awareness, accountability, and self empowerment that is priceless.

Overall feel increased: Stamina, strength, libido, flexibility & mobility. Improve hormone function, reduction of aches, pains, and overall feel supercharged.

Create a clear path to your specific individual health blueprint.

Improve overall health markers

Highly improve nutritional deficiencies

Truly empower yourself with the highest quality health education and wellness principles for living a long, happy, and fulfilling life.

Serious about true transformation?

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Hamad Shirazi

Tyler Warren

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Marketing Manager, Exeter

I have known John for 5 years and he has assisted me in improving my Lifestyle and has literally changed my life. i can go on and on about how John is great at nutritional coaching and how he has helped me with body work to Improve circulation but that would not do it enough justice. His attention to detail with a high level of professionalism is unparalleled. Since I met John and contracted his services I have lost AND KEPT OFF over 20 lbs and now have 11% body fat. More importantly my blood work has improved from almost diabetic to normal if not exceptional levels of fat and cholesterol. John assessed my initial bloodwork and also did an iridology exam to divise a program tailored just for me. One result of this program is in my triglycerides which went from 785 to under 140. Not only did his program work but I have been able to keep improving steadily for the last 3 years. I highly recommend John as he is not only knowledgeable but has a great attitude and loves to help people. "

"“I met John many years ago and was instantly impressed with his knowledge of nutrition and how it applies to our health “holistically”. We have collaborated as colleagues and I consider him an expert in the realm of nutrition and wellness. John has a variety of skills and expertise, but what stands out the most to me is his genuine passion in helping others.”."

"In 2018 I began to prepare for my 1st born, and a part of that preparation was my health. I have always kept a close eye on my health and lifestyle habits, but looked for additional opportunities to further improve my efforts. After hearing about John on the Ben Greenfield podcast, I reached out to get a consult. The insights John provided was a bit scary, in the sense that he was so on target with identifying symptoms, yet he had never met me face to face and had no history of me that would have given him a prior understanding. This lead to multiple touchpoints and a resulting strategy allowing me to push the buttons and pull the levers on things that I had completely lost sight of, before John put them back into perspective for me. I am now the proud father of a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, and thanks to John, I will have plenty of healthy years to play with her."

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